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Transmission Replacement

When it occurs to transmission problems it is essential to think about no matter if rebuilt transmission would be better to a brand new one. There are a lot of factors to this transmission problem, as well as the good quality of the transmission, the money you will are obligated to pay, and the method that it will take to have the task completed. Try to read this page if you you will need  to replace or rebuild your transmission.

The Quality

If you are previously struggling from transmission issues, you will be looking to lessen the circumstances of these issues continuous in the future. The much better the transmission you finish with, the fewer probably you are to discover by yourself back at the transmission repair shop again. When you change your transmission with a brand new one, you are improving your car with the similar transmission it had when it was brand new. This indicates that the new transmission need to operate properly with no issues. On the other hand, a rebuilt transmission can significantly vary in high quality based on the transmission repair shop that does the rebuild. If you are not common with the quality of the store to do the task, you may want to complete and safe and go for the new transmitting.

The Price

The main advantage to a rebuilt transmission is its considerably less expensive price label than that of its brand new version. You could end up paying out three times total for a new transmission as you would for a rebuild. Furthermore, rebuilds get a warranty from the shop, while new transmissions are warrantied by the supplier.

The Procedure

One more benefit in getting transmission rebuilt is the speed with which you can give back to driving. A transmission rebuild can normally be finished in about several days, while new transmissions may take more than twice that time. A rebuild may be suitable if you are in a be quick to get back again on the roads.

At Longhorn Transmission Repair, we provide a total range of repairs for all types of transmissions. To find out a lot more about the transmission repair services we are to help. For more information please visit us at or contact Jeff Colvin at 817-548-5657!

Transmission Rebuilding

When it comes in Rebuilding transmissions, Longhorn Transmission Repair had been over 15 years, providing excellent car repair services to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. If you are looking for a shop that is affordable and you can trust for your transmissions.

We offer you full transmission rebuilding service. call us today for your transmission rebuilt and get free towing if you live in near in our service area. We specialize in computerized transmissions and complete generate practice in new and old vehicles. We can work on automatic and manual transmissions.

When your car starts to get higher kilometers its not unusual for it to need a major repair like transmission rebuilding. But before you decide to have a transmission rebuilt, it’s always excellent to consider a few aspects.

Does the automobile still satisfy your needs?

How long do I want to continue to keep the car?

How much does the equal repair cost payments of the vehicle?

What is the price to substitute the car? New or Used?

Knowing the background of the vehicle we can easily guide these type of choices in addition to getting used proper care of your transmission at it’s normal service periods. Bring your vehicle into the shop for a check. Let Longhorn Transmission Repair manage your car or you truck call (817) 548-5657(817) 548-5657 for the best service!

Road Test Multicheck

Getting a used vehicle will be a best option for people looking for the convenience of their preferred vehicle type at a aspect of the cost of the new-mode options. When purchasing a used vehicle, no matter if from used vehicle dealers or personal companies, make sure that you do a complete check up of the vehicle. This can help to find out if the vehicle is a very good match for you as well as the reasonable cost you must pay for the vehicle based mostly on its repair and overall performance levels.

The very first step to buying a used vehicle is to think what type of vehicle you'd like to purchase. Simply think if you want a smaller, fuel-effective vehicle or a large SUV that you will use to travel your loved ones all-around. Short list of the vehicle types you want to manage an vision out for can minimize the natural choice-making you may be pressured to conduct when looking around the vehicle lot of a used vehicle seller.

The following step is to test the vehicle to get to know if it can live up to your aims of major happy family travels in the car or going out to enjoy long travel on a specially stressful working day. A pre-test and a test drive are the two factors of checking a used car.

Doing a pre-test

A pre-test is your first experience with a vehicle that you could be operating for a long time to come. Make sure that you carefully review various aspects of the vehicle throughout the test. Make sure to:

Examine below the engine

Examine for damaged tubes and devices. Any types of blemishes or decay could show that the vehicle was improperly managed. Darker brown leafy oil spills on the motor stop point to a flow in the gasket which could cause to costly maintenance in the future.

Check the wheels

The wheels must be put on equally and must be in appropriate position. Poor alignment could be a sign of harm suffered by the structure of the vehicle or of used guiding/headgear factors.

Examine the odometer

One of the popular vehicle frauds that may be perpetrated by greedy vehicle sellers is moving the odometer back to display a lower usage. Check for signs of tampering, if any.Also, make sure that you get each time and usage into consideration when evaluating the problem of a used vehicle, as each of them is liable for a vehicle 'getting older'. Lower usage may not be an excellent sufficient purpose to lender upon a 15-year old car.

Getting a test drive

Once you have conducted a initial test of the used vehicle, you must get the car out for a test drive.

There are specific factors to keep in mind when going out for a test drive.

Change up your direction

Don't be advised by the sales rep throughout a test drive (select to go out by itself, if possible). Plan a route that contains simple and difficult roads, local streets, highways and empty parking lots.

Find out the tire position

On a vacant road or vehicle parking lot, discharge your grip on the directing tire to see if the vehicle leads directly. If rather, the car drifts to one part or the other, it's a issue of problem you must raise with the car seller.

Test the brake systems

When you put your foot to the brake pedal, the vehicle must come to a stop in a straight line. Look out for a brake pedal that pulsates or feels soft.

Purchasing a used vehicle can confirm successful if you place in time and efforts to get various vehicles for a rotate and stay careful to symptoms of a improperly managed or broken vehicle. To be specific of the problem of the vehicle you are preparing to purchase, you must consult a certified mechanic to check it as nicely. For more info visit

Differential Repair

Longhorn Transmission Repair is owned and operated by Jeff Colvin has over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry a certified auto mechanics is here to help with your differential repair problem. We provide a huge range of services to our clients besides from differential repair and also offer transmission services as well. . If you experience that there are signs of not working transmission, shown by your car, you may be in require of a transmission repair. The other symptoms can be:wiggling or shake while driving at quicker speeds, uncommon rough shifting,infrequent moving, difficult moving,staining, and your “check out motor” light showing at infrequent periods.

At Longhorn Transmission Repair we provide free towing with major overhaul and you spend the services we offer. If you take your car into our transmission repair center, you can see that we could be happy to provide you with differential repair and other service you looking for. Usually our suspension and differential repairs go side by side. So if you think that you experience this following signs you might require to consult a repairs as well: Transmission Evaluations,Replacements and repair , Custom Rebuilds , Clutch Replacement, Fluid and Filter Services , Flywheel & Clutch and many more.

Need to have a differential repair? Our certified technicians can rebuild and repair your differential repair, so you can get best overall performance from your car. differential repair transfer energy to the tires when permitting them to move at various speeds. Manage your differentials with fluid support. By maintaining your car lubricated with fluid you are defending the daily life of the gear in your car. This is performed as precautionary repair to support extend the life of your car. For more information about Longhorn Transmission Repair visit our website

Computerized Transmission

Compared with two years past, vehicles these days are performing with computerized vehicle control parts. For any the advancement of computers, the vehicle market quickly noticed the possible it has and worked well to use this advance technology in vehicles. At this time, we are experiencing the advantages transformation. Considering that the complete vehicle is handled by a computer, the vehicle could be examined in order to discover any not working parts in case of a break down. In instance that the computer failures you have the choice to bring your car to a skilled mechanic and get the computer scanned in order to discover the problem.

Although there are some of the computerized vehicle control sections may not create huge effects if they do not function properly, there are others  that are really essential. Your engine regulate unit and the transmitting regulate module are two these types of factors that are very important for the right performing of your vehicle. In instance they crash, your vehicle could possibly get delayed or could get affected with its functionality. For that reason, you need to to take proper care if any of these will start giving issues.

Thanks a lot to new technologies, if there is anything wrong with your vehicle, you have the skill to get it scanned for discovering the actual part that requires to change. Scanning methods are accessible with most well-known technicians. You only need to visit them if you have any problem regarding repair problem. they scan and check your vehicle and will inform you the portion to be changed. Even if it is one particular of the automated vehicle control parts, you certainly not need to be alarmed as you could get it changed quickly.

You have the choice to go to the company for your vehicle and get your vehicle part changed but it is likely the price too much expensive. The best option is to go online and look for the part. There are a lot of online shops in which offered at lower prices.If you go to one of those internet sites you will be able to order it easily. Both engine control unit and the transmission control unit are offered in these online stores.

Installing of these sections is easy. If you are not sure how to do it, you could bring your car to your local technician. they can set up it in a a few minutes. Your vehicle are able to back to normal right away. The price for replacement of such a portion is not likely to be really high possibly.Maintain your transmission healthy and keep regular transmission service from Longhorn Transmission Repair. or Call 817-548-5657817-548-5657!

Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair is simply as required and generally discussed as brake repair or engine, when it comes to the function of a vehicle. Depending on the car owner, it gets simply as much, just as driving similar harm or simply as much forget repair. But, if you are reading this post then you are one of the 1st two people who will take proper care of the vehicle before the alert lighting fixtures come  and just just before a problem or unusual noise happens. And you're like the second individual who gets a minimal busy in some cases and doesn't notice some points till the features of the car get up or malfunction, but you have it checked and clinically diagnosed so you can take proper care of it earlier. The bottom part is that for the two of these very careful owners they usually experience the most major level of transmission repair: filter and fluid replacement. The fluid level and the cleanliness of the filter seem to be the more extreme of their problems, so the importance of those two procedures will be mentioned below.

The number of quarts required to satisfy the lubrication of your gear shifting and effort in your vehicle's acceleration processes is based on the size of transmission and the vehicle it operates within. Whether you use your vehicle to drive to and from work and recreation or you use it in your work, you need the transmission system to function smoothly every time you change gear. Both equally standard and automatic techniques require the same transmission repair of fluid replacement and filter changes. They are very basic changes but necessary whether it needs to be renewed or you have to get a new one, they will both need fluid and filter care. The transmission keeps the entire vehicle moving so its maintenance is needed to obtain to conduct as you need. The only thing positioned in your way is a probable problem.

Jeff Colvin is the proud owner of Longhorn Transmission Repair, has been  over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry an expert automatic transmission specialist for many years. Call us today at 817-548-5657817-548-5657 for all your transmission repair needs or visit our website

Transmission Flush

A transmission flush is a process performed on automatic transmissions, which have their equipment revoked in a hydraulic fluid , instead simply, Automatic Transmission Fluid. When your transmission does its everyday work, this liquid turns into very hot and will burn up, turning it from a type of pink color to dark brown and finally to a blackish shade if left too very long in the transmission. As it melts, its capability the oil reduces and maintaining the lots of moving sections of an automatic transmission oiled and divided is one of its major tasks, furthermore applying gas pressure to enhance the items. When the fluid would wear out, you have two choices to change it you can flusg or drain the fluid.

Using up the fluid is just what it seems like: the transmission cover is showed and the fluid runs out, then you change it for a new fluid. This is easy, but not all of the older fluid drain out, a lot of it sticks to the internal areas of the transmission. A transmission flush functions equipment draw the older fluid out although at the same time moving in new fluid -- what this does is rinse thoroughly clean all of the internal areas that would continue to be covered with old fluid if you eventually left it up to gravity by itself. A flush ensures that the transmission is 100% new and that all the developed residues are taken out along with the older fluid.

If there is a flakes of metal in it, don't get a flush get a complete transmission to do it. Flakes in the fluid show that the actual, material parts of your transmission are declining and require to be changed. A flush at this level of transmission decompose may cause the transmission to crash totally. Bring your car right away to an expert auto repair if you find out this signs.

For Longhorn Transmission Repair our experts certified mechanics and trained technicians are courteous, fair, and knowledgeable.We do.repairs like transmission flush, transmission rebuilding, clutch repair, transmission repair and many more. Call us today at (817) 548-5657 and get your car running smoothly as easy as the time you got it.

Rebuilt Transmission

For the most complicated part of machines inside of your car, the transmission plays a very critical portion in your car’s overall performance.

When a transmission begins to fail, a car will not drive correctly and possibly not work at all depending on the level of failure.Rebuilt transmissions can make a difference in the cost of keeping your car on the road.

Is it much better that if you notice that your car is in need a transmission?  Changing the transmission is most probably one of the most costly procedures that your vehicle will need to have. There you can be two choices at the transmission, one is rebuilding the transmission and second time of rebuilt one is totally new transmission.

Transmissions Rebuilt for sale is a great choice for variety of good reasons. You may be replacing a car for an owner who doesn’t want to pay money for a replacing transmission, having said that requires better durability and a lot of satisfaction than is available with most used transmissions.You may be managing with an extensive guarantee that allows rebuilt transmissions to be applied for repairs, however not new transmissions. You may even be a customer fixing your own car and seeking for the main price efficient, reliable computerized or manual transmission offered. In all those situations, a rebuilt transmission is a best option.

Longhorn Transmission Repair are experts at rebuilt transmission and if you feel you’re in need of this service then simply call us today at 817-548-5657817-548-5657 or visit our website for more information

Clutch Repair


A vehicle's clutch is applied as a handle to manage the circulation of electrical power in two different areas. First it manages the volume of energy generated in the motor and next it controls the submission of that energy and transmitting ultimately to the tires. The clutch is used to permit for the modifying of gear in the transmission to obtain to build extra energy through speeding. Without having a clutch your manual transmission vehicle would not be ready to efficiently change gears. The following signs to change for clutch repair or adjustment.

Slipping Gears

If your manual transmission car consistently falls out of gear or looks fall into fairly neutral with no caution there's a great opportunity that the clutch plate is worn out lower and you will need to be changed. On the other hand there is also the chance that this is being triggered by an oil flow that is leaking upon the clutch plate which then effects is too much oiling. This leak would also lead to slipping gears.

Getting rid of Smell

When you were initial studying to drive a stick switch you most likely encountered a heavy getting rid of smell that happened as you to learned how to improve in 1st gear. Well, if the smell gets to be obvious as you drive your car extended right after first studying it could show that there is a larger issue. Most probably the clutch plate has used thin and will require to be changed. On the other hand, if you often drive in heavy traffic you may encounter the smell more usually, and it doesn't actually mean a replacing is required immediately.

Difficult Clutch Pedal

The clutch makes use of gas linkage and if it is not able may effect in a clutch pedal that is nearer to the ground or may basically turn into more tricky to click. There's a best opportunity that the linkage will only require to be changed in order to fix this problem, but if it has started to leak hydraulic liquid there will be a total damage of pressure and the linkage process will need to be changed. You may also require setting up a new clutch plate to completely solve this problem.

To prevent further damage or issue on your clutch and other car issue gives as a Call at (817) 548-5657(817) 548-5657 or visit our website for your clutch repair problem.