Transmission Rebuilding

When it comes in Rebuilding transmissions, Longhorn Transmission Repair had been over 15 years, providing excellent car repair services to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. If you are looking for a shop that is affordable and you can trust for your transmissions.

We offer you full transmission rebuilding service. call us today for your transmission rebuilt and get free towing if you live in near in our service area. We specialize in computerized transmissions and complete generate practice in new and old vehicles. We can work on automatic and manual transmissions.

When your car starts to get higher kilometers its not unusual for it to need a major repair like transmission rebuilding. But before you decide to have a transmission rebuilt, it’s always excellent to consider a few aspects.

Does the automobile still satisfy your needs?

How long do I want to continue to keep the car?

How much does the equal repair cost payments of the vehicle?

What is the price to substitute the car? New or Used?

Knowing the background of the vehicle we can easily guide these type of choices in addition to getting used proper care of your transmission at it’s normal service periods. Bring your vehicle into the shop for a check. Let Longhorn Transmission Repair manage your car or you truck call (817) 548-5657(817) 548-5657 for the best service!

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